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Anal expander Pink Waves + Anal lubricant Cupid Glide Anal 50ml

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This anal dilator is designed for all lovers of anal sex. Its interesting shape will give you indescribable pleasure. It is made of high quality silicone. We recommend using it with a lubricant and cleaning before and after use with a suitable product.

This attractive butt plug expands smoothly from tip to base and is suitable for both beginners and those with more experience in anal pleasure. In addition, his body is spirally ribbed, which enhances the pleasure of penetration. In his company, you will be rocked by multiple orgasms and your senses will tingle with ecstasy for hours. When you order this product, you get a Cupid Glide lubricant as a gift !

Length: 11cm
Usable part: 7.5cm
Diameter: from 1 to 5 cm
Color: pink


What is a water-based lubricant Cupid Glide Anal Bio Vegan 50ml?

Cupid Glide Anal is a specially developed water-based lubricant, thanks to which anal sex is easier, moistening is guaranteed, and the pleasure is certainly increased several times. It is considered that the use of lubricants during anal sex is mandatory, because the anus does not have the function of self-wetting. In addition to facilitating penetration, the lubricant multiplies the pleasure of anal sex and prevents unpleasant and painful chafing. The use of lubricant ensures that intercourse is prolonged and helps to avoid chafing due to dryness, which is always present in anal sex. Cupid Glide Anal is based entirely on natural ingredients, which increases its antibacterial effect. It is recommended as a moisturizer for all ages. Its use increases the pleasure of sex for both partners. You can use it in the company of your partner, but it is also extremely suitable for masturbation or when using an anal sex toy. It washes off extremely easily with just water, has a hydrating effect, is hypoallergenic, with a neutral PH. .

How does the water-based lubricant Cupid Glide Anal Bio Vegan 50ml work? ?

The active ingredients of the lubricant effectively moisturize the anus,   without causing irritation or itching. The product is clinically tested, completely safe, compatible with condoms and adult toys. Using a lubricant is the fastest and most effective way to deal with dryness and painful friction during anal sex. In addition to facilitating penetration, Cupid Glide Anal also protects against unwanted injuries during sex.   The lubricant is also highly recommended for increased sensitivity of the genitals. Many gynecologists recommend the use of lubricants to deal with dryness, which can be caused by many different factors. The pleasure of anal sex can only be achieved with the use of an allal lubricant.

How to use: a small amount of the lubricant is applied immediately before sexual intercourse

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